Twice a day, seven days a week, separate groups of dogs are picked-up at home by a pack leader or hiking facilitator in our Buddy Bus, a modified school bus with safety restraints separating dogs from driver and gradual steps for easy entry and exit, for 5-7 hours of entertainment/exercise. Depending on the hike selected, your dog will enjoy an hour and a half or three hours with up to, but never more than 19 other ‘buddies’ and return home (or to doggy daycare) with renewed spirit and satisfaction.

We provide fresh water and ample room to rest or, as many do, play on the Buddy Bus. Each pack leader and hiking facilitator carries an emergency canine first aid kit, a mobile phone with your contact information and a full supply of tasty, healthy and low-calorie snacks to be enjoyed either throughout or after the journey at your discretion.

We also offer full and half day dropoff camp as well as overnight boarding in our state-of-the-art kennel.

All dogs are required to undergo an interview process to insure proper training and temperament to engage in one of our activities. We have built our company and reputation on repeat business.

We offer high quality service and affordable rates so that your dog can meet new friends and enjoy multiple adventures a week. We also offer discounts for multiple dogs. Our mobile hikes program allows dogs to be entertained and away from home as they play on the Buddy Bus during pickup and delivery of the pack.

See the Alpine Canine 2016 Rate Sheet and Policies for more information. Register your dog today by filling out our New Owner Form.

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Doing Our Part for a Better Community
We offer the Missoula Humane Society free hiking for a portion of dogs currently housed at their facility.

As Missoula grows so does the canine population and Alpine Canine will be here to help families enjoy their pets to the fullest. A well-socialized and well-exercised dog is a happy dog. And that makes for a happy dog owner.

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