Alpine Canine offers both mobile hiking (we pick up your pet) and half-day / full-day drop-off camp in addition to overnight boarding. Both the Adventure Hike and the Seniors and Squirts hike include pick-up and drop-off of your pet and are available Monday-Friday (call for Saturday availability).

The Adventure Hike features three hours of off-leash exploration in a semi-secluded area just on the outskirts of Missoula city. Trails vary from single track to four-wheel accessible. Elevation changes are modest to significant. This is approximately seven hours of entertainment for your dog with pickup and delivery. Your dog can rest or play with friends during transport time having enough space in the vehicle for comfort.

Seniors and Squirts Hike is a leash-optional and more leisurely paced hour and a half excursion. Geared towards puppies, older dogs, injured and smaller dogs, this hike stays closer to town with less challenging terrain and caters to a more urban crew. This is approximately five hours of entertainment for your dog with pickup and delivery. The vehicles used for this hike allow for your pet to stretch out and relax comfortably during transport. Alpine Canine has ramps available for dogs needing a little assistance.

See the Alpine Canine 2016 Rate Sheet and policies for more information. Register your dog today by filling out our New Owner Form.

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