Our staff is comprised of seasoned hikers who are trained in pack leadership and structure. By establishing themselves in the role of the alpha dog, each Alpine Canine guest dog can relax and have fun playing with other dogs knowing that they can trust the pack leader to take care of issues that may arise. This leads to calmer dogs, fewer fights and more respect. Participating with other dogs on a vigorous and multi-sensory hike stimulates the brain and gives dogs a physical workout that they would not get running around in circles or pacing bored and anxious as they wait for their owner in the backyard or at a daycare center.

Let our experienced team create a safe pack structured environment that your dog can enjoy time and time again.

My 13 year old Border Collie, Cowboy started hiking with Alpine Canine back in July. Sadly, he is a little to "mature" to go on the longer hikes so it's awesome that Alpine Canine started the "Seniors and Squirts" program with shorter, more mellow hikes for the older and smaller dogs. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I dress Cowboy in one of his many bandannas and he instinctively knows that "Miss Kate" will be coming to pick him up soon for his "fun day". He absolutely loves Kate, loves the hikes and seeing Cowboy happy makes me very happy, because he is the most important thing in my life.
- Rita Cerasoli and Cowboy

My dog and I tried to convince Kate that, despite being ten years old, Henry had puppy energy. She had to carry him back from his first hike. This, after he refused to go with her to begin with ("What? Go with a stranger? No way!") and she had to carry him to the van. Now he's a Senior Squirt. On hike day he's so excited he can't eat. He stares at the door till Kate arrives, and runs to the van. Hike days are the best days!
- Sharon Brogan and Henry

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