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Our building was constructed in 2013 as an exclusive dog boarding and dog daycare facility that meets and exceeds dog boarding industry standards. To provide the healthiest, germ-free environment for your pet, floors and walls feature smooth, non-porous materials to maximize anti-bacterial benefits. Our technicians are skilled professionals who take pride in keeping the kennel meticulous.

Safety of your pet is our number one priority and this is why it was important to Alpine Canine owner's to section off the 10,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor areas to enable complete separation of dogs during cleaning and whenever otherwise necessary. Our turf yards have shade, self-watering bowls and we also have a separate area for older, smaller and less active dogs.

Curious What To Bring When Boarding Your Dog or Cat?

Curious What To Bring When Boarding Your Dog or Cat?

Food: As changing food can cause severe stomach upset, please bring your dog's or cat's own food. Food must be contained in a hard-sided container with a lid, (Rubbermaid, Tupperware, coffee can, etc.). Our house brand food cost is $2.50/meal if your dog or cat runs out of their own food. There's no need to bring bowls, measuring cups, or leashes as we have plenty!

Bedding & Toys: We feel dogs and cats are most comfortable with their own beds and blankets, so we encourage you to bring them along for your dog's or cat's boarding stay. If this isn't possible, we do have beds and blankets available. Bedding will be washed as needed and may incur a $5 laundry charge. One toy is permitted per dog/cat; however, we cannot guarantee they will be returned in the same condition.

*Note* Alpine Canine will not be held responsible for lost or damaged toys, or damaged bedding material. Rawhides and other choking hazards will not be given to dogs overnight.

If it's style and a bit of spoiling you'd like for your pup while boarding, how about a tasty ice cream treat? Alpine Canine offers you and your pet excellent, loving care from well-trained staff who have been selected for their professionalism and experience as well as their love for all animals. The result is a resort offering top quality care and plenty of exercise that dogs and cats enjoy and owners appreciate.

We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art facility to see what all the "wagging" is about! Call us at (406) 541-HIKE (4453) to make a reservation.

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